Some sports fans show their allegiance by decorating their cars
or wearing team jerseys. For Cult of Mac
reader David Meier, his favorite sports team, the Texas
Aggies, is a major influence on his choice of a
red color scheme for his desk setup.

His Aggies-themed
Mac arrangement is one of several showcased in this week’s
episode of
our new show that highlights the best Apple gear submitted by
our viewers. (You’ll also get plenty of tips and tricks for how
you can improve your own setup.)

iSetups Episode 2

The first
Mac setup featured in this episode was put together by …

David Meier, Aggies fan

David Meier
creates time-lapse videos, as well as the odd tech-specs clip,
for his YouTube
channel. As mentioned, his setup is influenced by his love
for the Texas A&M Aggies, whose logo features front and
center so that it perfectly lines up with his desk.

His main
computer is an early-2013 MacBook Pro with 8GB of RAM and a
2.4GHz i7 processor. He’s also partitioned it to run Windows
for his gaming needs.

It’s connected to a 28-inch Asus VN289 monitor along with a
Logitech M325 mouse and an old RadioShack keyboard. In
addition, Meier owns a black iPad Mini 2 and Apple Watch, which
he uses to remotely control his music playback from his
MacBook. Finally, he has a ton of Apple products, still in
their original packaging, such as an iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and
the 1st Gen iPod shuffle.

I’ve done my best to find all of the products featured in his
setup on Amazon, which you can see here.

David Sangwell, blogging bartender

BartenderHQ's David Sangwell mixes up a cocktail of Apple gear for his podcasting and video setup.BartenderHQ’s David Sangwell
mixes up a cocktail of Apple gear for his podcasting and video
Photo: David Sangwell

David Sangwell’s desk really jumps out. As the owner of
BartenderHQ, David uses
his setup for blogging, podcasting and video editing. His main
computer is a 27-inch late 2013 iMac, which is paired up to a
2002 23-inch Cinema Display that’s still going strong.

For his podcasts, Sangwell uses the Blue Snowball microphone
and the Harman Kardon SoundSticks II to listen back to it. On
top of his main setup, he’s also amassed somewhat of an Apple
collection. These include a iMac G3, Power Mac G3 tower, G4
tower and two eMacs. I’ve done my best to find all of these
products on Amazon which you can see the full list
of here.

Nils Bertrand, IT
pro/creative moonlighter

iSetups Episode This stylish Mac and iPad setup is the creation of an IT pro who does audio and video production in his spare time.This stylish Mac and iPad setup
is the creation of an IT pro who does audio and video production
in his spare time.
Photo: Nils Betrand

Last but not least is Washington, D.C.-based Nils Betrand,
whose great setup starts off with a 2010 Mac Pro, with a
2.66GHz six-core Intel Xeon Processor with an impressive 20GB
of RAM. He uses his setup for video and photo editing, music
production and graphic design.

Betrand is an IT and audiovisual technician at a private
school, where he looks after 850 iPads. Other highlights of his
setup include a LaCie Porsche Design 4TB hard drive and a Wacom
Intuos5 tablet.

He additionally has a 12.9-inch and a 9.7-inch iPad Pro
for emails and photo editing while on the move. His setup is

Show us your iSetup!

If you would like to submit your setup for possible showcase on
iSetups, there are two ways to enter.

Submit a video

Film a video of your setup and edit it to be between 60 and 90
seconds in length. Don’t include music or graphics. Instead,
create a voiceover for your video talking about:

  1. Your main computer
  2. Any additional computers you’re featuring
  3. What you use them for
  4. What phone you’re using and why you like it
  5. A little info on each of the products in your setup

Also include a writeup (in Word, PDF or Pages) listing all the
products featured. This will be used to create links for each

Submit photos

If you’re not comfortable creating a voiceover, you can submit
photos instead.

Send us three to 10 high-quality images, including an overall
image of your setup and close-ups of anything worthy of
featuring. Also include a Word document answering the questions
below, along with the names for each product featured (please
try to include desks, accessories, etc.).

  1. What is your main computer?
  2. What do you use this computer for?
  3. Do you use any additional computers? If so, what models and
  4. What other features of your setup are you proud of?
  5. What phone are you currently using and why do you like it?

Send all submissions to
with the subject line “iSetups submission.” Please include your
name (and YouTube channel if applicable).

iSetups episodes will air the each and every Friday,
so keep your submissions coming in!

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