Presenting to you some life-hacking apps designed to maximise your smartphone’s productivity and generally make things that much better. Enjoy the best life improving apps that launched in 2016.

7 Minute Workout

One of the best fitness and lifestyle apps on the market, 7 Minute Workout can help you in your quest to lose a few extra pounds or, if you are already in shape, stay on top of things and improve your energy levels. The app itself focuses on quick, high energy workouts, engineered specifically to the information you give it. However, you can skip the inputting of your all-important statistics should you wish to do so, as it can run well enough without them, thanks to its simple design. Players can just choose whatever exercise they wish by hitting the start button and following the instructions. It’s a great starter kit for anyone toying with the idea of joining up to a gym or maybe even doing some cross country running, but are not yet comfortable with the idea. It has a wealth of pre-set routines, scientifically proven to help with weight loss or improve cardiovascular functionality. It is basically a little fitness instructor for your pocket.

Parallel Space

Often app users, particularly social media users, face the dilemma of having to choose between a work account or a personal account, when installing and logging into an app on their phone. It is, after all, a nuisance having to remember numerous passwords and prioritising numerous apps and accounts. It’s a welcome addition, then, that is the problem solving Parallel Space, an app that lets you run several social media accounts at once. We are talking, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, but also messaging services like Skype and Dasher. Of course, there some social media apps out there already allow you to have multiple accounts simultaneously but with this app, you can keep them well and truly separated. It is also worth noting that this could be really big in gaming too, where many mobile games require players to create an account but won’t let them have multiple accounts on the same device. Parallel Space is a free app and as such is supported by ads but we promise you they are not too intrusive and well worth the compromise given the new powers now at your disposal.

Google Drive
Cloud storage has become so important nowadays and if, like me, you let Google run your life so that you don’t have to, then the best and, most convenient cloud is Google Drive. You may have guessed that I am speaking from an Android user’s point of view and that Dropbox and OneDrive have their benefits too, but the sheer fact that Google is always giving extra GBs of storage space away for free, make it this writer’s favourite. Of course, it also comes embedded in Android devices anyway but, with more and more companies using it to share and edit documents, it is the king of the clouds.

Madame Chance

New in games this year is Lady Luck’s cousin, Madame Chance, a highly sophisticated online casino that does not look like any of its rivals. With a retro American comic book theme running through out and a female friendly business model, this is unlike the other online casino apps out there. The app itself, pays strict attention to detail and offering an awesome library of great casino games. The makers and casino owners, Game Tech Group, have worked tirelessly with software companies like NetEnt, to create a superb casino experience and it really pays off. Its visually impressive and coming from such a unique position that it feels really fresh and different. The casino can be accessed in the browser but the app is better. Allowing for games like slots, of which there are a staggering amount, roulette, poker, blackjack etc, plus, there is also a Live Casino lounge. As with many online casinos, there is a VIP section, as well as a page dedicated to promotions, loaded with bonus and free spin offers to use. One example would be Leo Vegas Casino – they are another provider who also provide great in play incentives and welcome bonuses, and offer a great mobile app too.

Dasher Messenger

As with Drive, Dasher has many rivals and contenders for its crown but so often is it the market leader in terms of innovation, that it is kind of sad that its main rivals, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, get all the attention. Dasher, though not as unloved as Google Hangouts, is still largely ignored despite being the first chat app to bring us the ability to share and play YouTube videos and GIFs in the app itself as well as pushing rich URL previews. Plus, with Dasher, users are able to transfer money to friends using Venmo. In fact, Dasher is more often than not the pioneer of messaging, introducing unusual features before any other app and as such deserves our custom.