Yes, you can earn money from how far you walk

Still failing to meet that lofty new years goal of getting fitter, well an app called StepBet wants to help you gamify your fitness routine. The app lets you bet real money of how many steps you think you can walk in an 8 week period. However, be warned it will scan you workout history from Fitbit or Google Fit so it’s not like you pretend you only walk x number of steps a week and bet it you will walk 10000 steps, it will know.

Users are reporting making some decent money so if you are struggling to get fit after the Christmas period then check it out at the link below.

How It Works

First, download the app and select your source of steps: Fitbit, Google Fit, or SHealth and your Android phone (Android 4.4 or greater is required). StepBet then syncs with your device to give you personalized step goals based on your activity history.

StepBet equalizes players’ level of effort through our proprietary algorithm, which takes into account your activity history to assign you two unique step goals:

Active Days: A challenging but manageable step goal. Take the stairs, go for a stroll after lunch, add a block to Fido’s walk. Be active.

Stretch Days: A push beyond your normal routine. Go for a run, a hike, or hit the gym. Stretch it.

Each week, you need to get a specified number of Active and Stretch Days. The other days are Free Days to use as you wish. Hit your Active and Stretch Days during every week of the game, and you win and split the pot!

StepBet – Android Apps on Google Play

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