Microsoft announced a couple of days ago that it added a new feature called My Saves to its Bing Search engine.

My Saves, as the name suggests already, lets you save certain types of content so that you can access these saves at a later point in time or on other devices.

The feature is linked to a Microsoft Account which means that you need to sign in before it becomes available on Bing.

The current iteration of My Saves supports the saving of images, videos, shopping results and places.

Bing My Saves

bing my saves

To add an entry to the saves, simply hover over an appropriate result, say an image or video, and click on the plus icon that is displayed in a small overlay. The plus icon may also be displayed next to an item instead of on it when you hover it.

bing save this

This saves the item to the My Saves page on Bing. You can access the page directly, or by clicking on the menu icon in the top right on Bing and selecting “My saves” from the context menu.

While this works well for most supported items, you will notice that the plus icon is not displayed for some results.

That’s without doubt the biggest restriction of the feature right now. You can’t save regular web results to My Saves, and the saving won’t even work for part of the image results as well.

My Saves vs Bookmarks

My Saves is a bookmarking service at its core. You save items while using Bing to store them and get the chance to access them at a later point in time.

The items that you have saved are displayed directly as media files on the My Saves page.

The data is linked to a Microsoft Account so that you may access it again on any device without need for third-party add-ons or synchronization.

The downside to using My Saves is that it restricts what you can save to My Saves. You cannot save textual links, and only some image links can be saved.

Another restriction is that My Saves offers no search interface and no option to sort results into categories or folders. If you use it heavily, you will end up with a large list of image and video thumbnails that you cannot manage in any meaningful way (the only option you have is to remove items right now).

Closing Words

It is easy to overlook My Saves on Bing. The reason for this is that it is only available if you sign in to a Microsoft Account, and that the “add icon” is only displayed for select results and not all of them.

The feature is less powerful than browser bookmarking, but it may appeal to some Bing users nevertheless.

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