Saturday, December 16, 2017

Pre-orders of iPhone 8 down 78 percent compared to iPhone 7: report

When the iPhone 8 was introduced alongside the deluxe 10th anniversary iPhone X last week, Apple watchers wondered aloud if former smartphone — marketed...

Apple admits to LTE connectivity issues on new Apple Watch, shares tumble

Apple has a lot riding on its new Watch Series 3, which for the first time has cellular connectivity. While it’s not getting as...

With LTE connection, new Apple Watch ready to be free from iPhone’s gravity

Amid the buzz surrounding the 10th anniversary iPhone, which is expected to be unveiled Tuesday, the new Apple Watch has flown under the radar....

Watchgate? Red Sox said to use Apple Watches to steal Yankees signs

In all of American sports, there is probably no rivalry, no blood feud, no long-running battle of antagonism like that which exists between the...

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch expected to ship in October

After a long wait, Fitbit is now officially in the smartwatch race. Fitbit on Monday announced its first smartwatch model, Ionic, a much-anticipated move...

Fitness trackers good for tracking heart rate but not calories: Stanford study

If you have an Apple Watch or a Fitbit Surge, their measurement of burned calories may be off, a new study from Stanford says. Source

How many Apple Watches has Apple sold? It still isn’t saying

Apple remains mum on just how many Apple Watch sales it had in the last quarter. But why? Source

Will AirPods end up being bigger for Apple than the Apple Watch?

Loup Ventures analyst Doug Clinton says that Apple's next big thing might be AirPods as opposed to the Apple Watch. Source

Apple shares rocket to record high

Bolstered by sales of the iPhone 7 and investor optimism about prospects for the company's iPhone 8, Apple's shares soared to an all-time high on Monday, Source

Apple to hit $1 trillion in total iPhone, iOS revenue at some point this...

Apple's total revenue over the years for iPhones and other iOS products will hit $1 trillion at some point this year, a new report said. Source