Sunday, January 21, 2018

Google’s Eric Schmidt takes aim at Trump administration’s ‘evil things’: report

Google parent firm Alphabet's boss, who worked with the Hillary Clinton campaign, reportedly said the administration of President Donald Trump will do more "evil things" beyond controversial moves on... Source

San Francisco firm spills internet users’ data in massive leak

San Francisco internet-services firm Cloudflare's been leaking internet users' private information like a sieve -- the question is, did bad actors scoop any of it up? Source

Yahoo and CEO Marissa Mayer hit with investors’ lawsuit over ‘false and misleading statements’...

The suit relates to two record-setting user-data breaches Yahoo announced last year. Source

Crucial Silicon Valley H-1B visa issue unclear under Trump

President-elect Donald Trump addressed an important issue for Silicon Valley, visas for foreign workers, but didn't go into detail on the controversial H-1B visa program. Source

Wolverton: Apple’s AirPods alternately awesome, annoying

Apple's new AirPod wireless headphones are equal parts impressive and irritating, says Tech Files columnist Troy Wolverton. Source

Google Glass a solution for NFL concussions?

Google is seeking to patent Google Glass-like spectacles that could be worn by football players to diagnose concussions right after they happen. Source

Google’s HR chief Laszlo Bock leaving to launch startup

Google's head of HR, Laszlo Bock, is leaving to launch a startup that will be in 'stealth mode' for some time. Source

Google’s planned futuristic new Mountain View campus revealed in photos as city council prepares...

Google has unveiled images of techie paradise: plans for its new Charleston East campus in Mountain View, going to final vote March 8. Source

Google eyes office drones for virtual ‘telepresence’ meetings

Google has applied to patent office drones carrying audio-visual equipment, for a movable system for virtual conferencing that allows people in remote locations to appear by video feed. Source

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin draws one-word response from Mark Cuban after comments on robots taking...

Comments from U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on how artificial intelligence and robots will affect jobs drew surprise and ridicule. Source