Sunday, January 21, 2018

Google to be ‘100% green-powered’ by end of 2017

Google will power its offices and data centers worldwide with 100 percent renewable energy by the end of next year, the company said Tuesday, in a move applauded by green-power experts. Source

Google placed tricky fake-news ads on sites devoted to exposing fake news: report

With the help of Google, purveyors of outlandish falsities succeeded in getting their fake news onto websites wholly dedicated to debunking fallacious news reporting....

Wolverton: As CES prepares to kick off, some themes emerge

It's already possible to see some of the big themes that will be in play at CES. Source

Marissa Mayer wants ‘CEO’ atop her resume again after end of Yahoo, but Uber...

As the public face of Yahoo when the firm was swirling down into an abyss of scandal and vanishing market share, the former firm’s former...

Yahoo and AOL to get odd new name, questionable logo

The name for the company to be formed by merging Yahoo and AOL after Verizon buys Yahoo will be 'Oath,' AOL's CEO has revealed. Source

Mozilla Pockets a new app

Mozilla announced Monday that it's acquired Read It Later, the startup behind Pocket, an app and web site that allows users to save articles and videos to be read or viewed...

Trump names net neutrality opponent to head FCC

In case it wasn’t clear that the new Trump administration aims to overturn net neutrality, it should be now. On Monday, Federal Communications Commission member — and staunch net... Source

Oracle’s Larry Ellison made billions by overpaying for NetSuite: lawsuit

Oracle has been hit with a lawsuit claiming its founder Larry Ellison and his family made more than $4 billion because the firm paid too much for NetSuite. Source

Google spinoff Waymo goes to Vegas for a hot time (and Death Valley, too)

Learning to steer clear of showgirls and blind-drunk bachelor-party bros in Las Vegas was not the primary reason Google self-driving-car spinoff Waymo headed to the...

Amazon launches $10-and-under collection with free shipping for all

Fancy a bag of confetti, some metallic-blue disco leggings, cheap jewelry, a t-shirt with a picture of a pineapple on it, or a no-logo...