Sunday, January 21, 2018

Tiny AirPod will cost a bundle to replace

Apple's charging $69 replacement fee for each one of its wireless headphones, and if you lose your charging case, you'll have to pay the same amount, the company disclosed recently on...

Wolverton: Apple’s AirPods alternately awesome, annoying

Apple's new AirPod wireless headphones are equal parts impressive and irritating, says Tech Files columnist Troy Wolverton. Source

Google failing in pledge to keep its ads off fake-news websites: report

Google is failing to keep its pledge to block ads from its advertising services from appearing on fake-news websites, a new report said. Source

FCC’s Wheeler to step down, leaving legacy, net neutrality in doubt

The Federal Communications Commission is about to get a big shakeup in terms of personnel and quite likely in policy. On Thursday, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who pushed through controversial Source

Google’s HR chief Laszlo Bock leaving to launch startup

Google's head of HR, Laszlo Bock, is leaving to launch a startup that will be in 'stealth mode' for some time. Source

Apple’s AirPods to hit stores next week

Apple on Tuesday announced that it has begun taking orders for its new wireless headphones and will start offering them in its stores next week. Source

Tesla killer coming from troubled Faraday Future in January?

Something new is coming from secretive and troubled electric car company Faraday Future, and a just-released teaser video suggests the firm is poised to take on Tesla, Ferrari and Bentley. Source

Google-funded Magic Leap ‘may have oversold what it can do’

On its way to a $4.5 billion valuation, augmented-reality firm Magic Leap pulled the old bait and switch, a new report suggested. Source

Yahoo data-breach class-action lawsuits joined together in San Jose federal court

Five of at least 23 lawsuits against Yahoo over its record-setting and controversial data breach have been consolidated into one suit, to be heard in federal court in San Jose. Source

Apple gets more than half a billion in U.S. taxpayers’ money while skirting U.S....

Apple has reaped more than half a billion dollars from American taxpayers by investing its "overseas" cash hoard in U.S. government bonds, a new report said. Source