Sunday, January 21, 2018

Google hires new diversity chief, fresh from her work at Intel

Danielle Brown has a big job ahead of her, as the incoming chief of diversity at a major multinational firm with a serious diversity problem....

Apple now has a VP for diversity

Denise Young Smith has been at Apple since 1997 and was most recently vice president of HR worldwide. Source

HP, PayPal lead in diversity efforts; Uber, YouTube lag, report says

A new report by San Francisco-based startup Blendoor shows who is winning and who is losing when it comes to diversity in Silicon Valley. Source

Intel security costs rose after CEO, other execs got threats over diversity push

Because of the threats, Intel spent more than $2 million on CEO Brian Krzanich's security in 2016, a huge jump from the previous year. Source

Leaders tout tech diversity during Oakland conference

Technology and political leaders gathered in Oakland this week to tout diversity in technology jobs, agreeing that it's very much a work in progress. Source

Google opening ‘Howard West’ in move to boost diversity

Google is taking recruiting from historically black colleges to a new level by opening a "Howard West" right at its headquarters in Mountain View. Source

Another look at Silicon Valley and women — and it isn’t pretty

A cover story in the April issue of the Atlantic titled "Why is Silicon Valley So Awful to Women" might resonate with other women who work elsewhere. Source

Gender diversity in Silicon Valley: Women’s gains in top ranks in past two decades

There’s been a spotlight on the low numbers of women at Silicon Valley companies, but a new report shows the companies have fared better in some areas of gender diversity in Source

Apple investors reject diversity proposal

Apple touts its commitment to diversity, but its shareholders don’t seem to care all that much about it. On Tuesday, Apple investors overwhelmingly rejected a proposal that would have urged the... Source

Facebook’s cabal of senior engineers blocks diversity hires: report

A small group of mostly white and Asian men is blocking hires of women, Latinos and blacks, a new report said. Source