The factors that affect the population of wild bees include climate change, diseases, and pesticides.

Bees are known for their help in the crop production. The fact that the number of wild bees is declining in some parts of the US is affecting the production of fruits and vegetable as well. The US crop production is going to decline and the farmers are going to lose their money if the wild bees continue to disappear.

At a meeting in Boston, a researcher proved that the disappearance of wild pollinators is going to have a massive impact on the crop production in the US. Although people might not observe the work the bees make, these insects have a very important role in the crop production.

The research shows the parts of the US that are affected by the declining number of wild pollinators. Taylor Ricketts is the one that made this study by mapping the wild bees. He was also able to create a mobile app that can help people upgrade their farms and support these insects.

Ricketts mentioned that these insects are very important for the crop production and that more than $3 billion depends on their pollination. If these insects are declining so are the profit and the production. In order to help these insects recover, Ricketts identified 139 regions that are affected by the loss of bees.

California, west Texas, and the Pacific Northwest are the most affected parts due to the decline of wild bees. In these parts of the US crops like apples, almonds, and blueberries are cultivated that depend on the bees for pollination.

All around the world, more than 60% of crops depend on or benefit from pollinators. Some of these crops include cacao, vegetables, coffee, and fruits. The factors that affect the population of wild bees include climate change, diseases, and pesticide. Human activity is also blamed for the decline of bees in some parts of the US.

It is important to preserve these insects because they have a major impact on the global crop production. The US crop production might be even more affected than the crop production in other parts of the world due to the fact that bees are declining in some important parts of the US.

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