It’s now even easier to pay
for your gas.
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ExxonMobil stations throughout the U.S. are now accepting Apple
Watch payments.

Customers will
need to download the Speedpass+ app, which lets you settle your
gas bill with a tap of your wrist. You’ll have the option to
use Apple Pay, or input your credit card information

ExxonMobile first added Apple Pay support to its Speedpass+ app

last March, which means the company has had over a year to
make the service available throughout the U.S. The latest
update adding Apple Watch support is already supported at more
than 10,000 Exxon and Mobile stations.

Just like
with Apple Pay, you’ll drive up to a pump and the Speedpass+
app will use your iPhone’s location to determine where you are.
You then enter the pump number on your Watch and authorize the
payment using your preferred payment method.

You can
then begin fueling your vehicle. Note, however, that if you
don’t begin filling up within 45 seconds, the process will
timeout and you’ll have to start over.

is embracing Apple Watch at a time when other big
companies — like Amazon, Google, and eBay —
are dropping support for Apple’s wearable.

have offered a reason for quietly ditching watchOS integration
in recent weeks — it seems none of them are willing to admit
it’s just not worth the time and effort — but Amazon and Google
have promised Apple Watch support will return sometime in the

It’s bound
to happen as Apple Watch gets bigger. Earlier this week, Apple
CEO Tim Cook said sales of the device have doubled over the
last year, with Apple’s wearable business now big
enough to be a Fortune 500 company all by itself, raking in
over $5 billion annually.

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