After this happened Facebook tried to buy this Snapchat clone but failed.

Facebook has been trying to buy anything that is similar to Snapchat in the last year. Now the company tried to buy a Snapchat clone known as Snow. This is an Asian app is similar to Snapchat and has more than 80 million downloads now.

This app is growing fast and many big companies try to purchase it. The problem is that the producer, Naver doesn’t want to sell yet. This Snapchat clone first got attention once it raced up iOS app store and Android ranking in Japan, China, and Korea. It first collected 30 million downloads.

This app gained a lot of popularity in Asia because people there are not really interested in Snapchat. This is how Snow took some of its features and became popular. After this happened Facebook tried to buy this Snapchat clone but failed. The rejection came because the producer of this app believes that is going to be a successful application on its own.

Snow received a valuation of $180 million this September, although it has only one year. The developers are now trying to expand the app in order parts of Asia where the app is still unknown to some. Despite the fact that it is easy to name Snow a Snapchat clone this Asian app has some features that make it special.

First of all, the developers worked with celebrities from Japan and Korea in order to make the app different and to attract more people. The celebrities can make live streams which give the app more popularity. This also makes people live stream and use the app constantly to see what other people say or do.

This app has more filters that Snapchat. It has 200 masks and 36 filters that are specially made for the Asian audience because they include some masks that are those of local celebrities, fairies and cartoon characters.  Despite the fact that has only one year since it was developed, Snapchat clone Snow has a lot of fans and a lot of downloads. More and more people are using this app every day and developers want to expand it to other places too.

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