Google is on a Maps mission in 2017. Since the beginning of the
year, it has added some pretty great features to make it easier
to get where you’re going, including
Uber integration,
parking availability, and
saved places. Now it wants to help your friends know where
you are.

In an
update coming to the
Android and
iOS Maps apps, you’ll be able to broadcast your location
without needing to leave the app. It’ll be on a need-to-know
basis, of course, but when you’re running late or just want to
let someone know where you are, you’ll only be a tap away from
sending the information along.

To use the new feature is simple. You can either open the side
menu or tap the blue dot on the map to find the new Share
location option. Once it opens, you’ll be able to select who to
share with and how long you want them to have access to your
location. You can share your location with anyone in your
contacts or generate a link that can be sent to another social


It’s easy to share your location in the upcoming Maps update.

On the other end, the people you’ve selected to share with will
see your location in Maps once they tap the link, and you will
see an icon above the compass on your own map letting you know
that you’re being watched. And even if you have a time limit
set, you’ll be able to stop sharing your location at any time.

Additionally, you’ll also be able to send information about the
current trip you’re taking, so people know when you’re about to
arrive. Just tap on the arrow to the right of the route
instructions at the bottom of the screen and select the
Share trip progress option. Once you select the
recipients, they’ll be able to see where you are, when you’re
expected to arrive, and track your progress. Sharing will
automatically end when you arrive at your destination.

Google says the update will be rolling out “soon” to apps and
the Maps site to users worldwide.

Moving forward: While all of the recent Maps
updates have been great, we’re particularly looking forward to
this one. It might seem creepy to have your family and friends
spy on your location, but Google is handling it well, with
expiration times, automatic shut-off, and trip tracking that
ends when you arrive. It’s a bit like Apple’s
Find My Friends app, but we think it’ll be way more useful
built into Maps rather than needing to remember to open a
second app.

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