Google brings new features for the messaging apps Allo and Duo

Google added new features to their two messaging platforms, Duo and Allo. With a market so full of messaging services, including WhatsApp, Messenger, and even Google’s Hangouts, it might be difficult to introduce new apps which deal with the same thing. However, Duo and Allo might spice the interest of the users.

Duo is known specifically for video calling, while Allo entertains the users by letting them include stickers, emojis, or GIFs in their messages. The latter even contains an incorporated smart Assistant. Now, Google has decided to fashion these new apps with a series of new features, to make users more interested in them and convince them to use them.

Duo will allow voice calls

Duo will now have the option of voice-only calls. This is fortunate for those who do not have a great network connection. Since they usually struggled to make video calls as clear as possible, now they have this viable option of making voice calls. Google declared that these calls would be data-friendly and would work for all speeds.

Google revealed that users will only have to swipe down on the app’s main screen and will have the option to choose between audio or video call. If you choose audio, the app opens a screen where you can place your calls. The feature will be available for both Android and iOS, first in Brazil, then in the rest of the world.

Allo comes with file sharing and smart emojis

Allo also receives new features. As it was highly requested in Brazil, the app will now allow file sharing in group chats. The formats allowed for sharing are .mp3, .pdf, .doc, .zip, and .apk. And it’s not over yet. Allo also receives a Smart Smiley feature.

This feature will use machine learning technology to determine the right emoji for a certain context. Thus, if you tap the new icon, it will recommend you several emojis or stickers which fit the context and you can choose your favorite one from the list. The file sharing feature is already available everywhere on the globe, while the Smart Smiley only has a Portuguese version for Brazil.

Google is working on other updates for their services, too. They will automatically upload photos to the Photos app in a preview version, even without a network connection. Also, they will add a location-sharing feature for Maps. They have big plans and want to bring the best apps for their users.
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