Google’s Click-To-Message feature will make its market debut sometime in the next few weeks.

Google’s experimental feature Click-To-Message, which has only been available for the AdWords searches, will make its general market debut sometime in the next few weeks.

The Click-To-Messages option is already available on AdWords, or Google’s advertisement platform, which could have been used as a means of testing the Internet giant’s latest experiment.

The new option should come as an easier, better method of communication between the advertising company and the interested party as it will allow for an instant contact.

As an interested user will perform a Google Search in his or her area of interest, the resulting company ads will feature an SMS icon, which will give the user the chance to instantly reach out to the company.

The options will have a vast area of utility, starting from business to even traveling. Booking a room or making a dinner reservation would be just a click away and would no longer require intermediary sites or communication as the client could fire a quick question or demand through the new chat option.

The feature will work for other business areas as well, but they will have to be a registered user of Goggle AdWords in order for the feature to work. In such cases, tapping on the icon will open the user’s default SMS app, and an already registered message will appear.

As the client can set a default message that would contain all the information needed either for acquiring or for transmitting a certain data, it could prove to be a faster way of informing and being informed.

Although the response may not be immediate, it could still save precious time and also be used as a reminder.

Google estimates that a number of 65 percent of the consumers would much rather communicate with a business via message rather than through a phone call. According to this percentage, most people would much rather ask a question or even set an appointment by texting.

The numbers will probably only be growing as the new generations are increasingly more prone to using a messaging app than making a call, in whatever area or purpose.

Businesses can easily access their part of the Click-To-Message option through an AdWords account which will require some simple, additional information. As the SMS icon appears, the tax for a received message will be the same as that of an ad click, but will allow for further interactions.

Just as with individual users, businesses will be able to set a default message, that could later develop into a conversation.

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