Flying Oak Games have announced that their action RPG NeuroVoider will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on September 7. The game was originally released on the PC last year, where it’s had a very positive reception from gamers.

NeuroVoider on Switch will offer the same intense, twin-stick action RPG gameplay that’s about a “cyber futuristic world about brains shooting around evil robots with nuclear rocket launchers”. That’s the official description of the game.

The Switch version of NeuroVoider will include a “solo Joy-Con” mode and an auto aim system. It also supports the usual dual Joy-Con control setup, and supports the Pro Controller as well. Finally, the game includes co-op support, where up to four players can play the game at once.

Check out the NeuroVoider Switch trailer below. The game retails for $14 on the PC, so it’s likely that the Switch version will cost about the same on the eShop.

Neurovoider Switch trailer

NeuroVoider Switch