If this appears on a photo in your
Instagram feed, a user flagged the content as disturbing.
Photo: Instagram

Instagram will begin cloaking photos it deems “sensitive” with
a blur screen that warns users of potentially troubling

This is the latest tool in a series instituted
by Instagram to make the mobile photo- and video-sharing platform
“safer” for its more than 600 million users. CEO Kevin Systrom
wrote on the Instagram blog that photos will only be screened
after a user has complained and a review team evaluates whether
the content merits the warning cover.

change means you are less likely to have a surprising or
unwanted experience in the app,” Systrom

blog post, published Thursday, did not spell out what type of
content would be sensitive enough to blur, though some pictures
that get the warning could still fall within Instagram’s
current decency guidelines.

In an email
statement to
The Verge, Instagram clarified: “Examples include
animal rights groups that share content to expose animal
testing conditions or animal abuse or content that raises
awareness of humanitarian crises around the world (famine,
impact of war on local community),” the statement read.

viewer can opt to look at the picture by clicking on the words
“See Photo” at the bottom of the warning.

also announced a two-factor authentication option that can be
found under the gear icon on your profile.

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learn about account blocking comment controls and other


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