According to Consumer Reports, when it comes to durability, the iPhone X is not the best purchase you can make. The publication found that the X’s durability lags behind the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus’ longevity.

Consumer Reports published durability tests’ results on its website Tuesday.

CR experts also tested the two handsets for the quality of the display, battery life, and camera. CR described the latest iPhone model an “innovative device with a fantastic camera and beautiful display,” but average durability.

The tests showed that the iPhone 8 fared better after being dropped or damaged than the iPhone X, even though the latter made it to the top 10 smartphone list. The iPhone X seemed sturdy enough in initial tests but failed in the long term.

iPhone 8 Fares Better than the X in Durability Tests

  • CR experts said they dropped the iPhone X 50 times without significant cracks.
  • After 100 drops, however, the back of the iPhone X was severely cracked.
  • The displays of both phones started displaying some bright green bars after 50 drops even though the front glass showed no scratch.

iPhone X’s durability matched that of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, the report shows. But CR’s tests are different from those of other technology websites like the EverythingApplePro, which had found that the iPhone X is hardier than its predecessor.

What’s more, initial durability tests of the two iPhone 8 and 8+ showed that the two handsets are more durable than their predecessors, but still prone to shattering and cracking. However, it is no wonder that they crack easily since they are the Apple’s first all-glass handsets in six years.

CR tests also revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S8’s battery life is better than the iPhone X’s, with 26 hours versus 19.5 hours respectively. But the iPhone X’s battery life beats the iPhone 8’s by 30 minutes.
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