The A11 is on its way!
Photo: Apple

Apple manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing
Company (TSMC) is set to begin volume production of Apple’s
next-gen A11 chips next month, with the goal of producing 50
million chips before July.

The chips will be used for the next-gen
iPhones, which are likely to make their debut in September. The
A11 chips will reportedly be built using a 10 nanometer
FinFET process.

isn’t the first time TSMC will carry out volume production
using the 10 nm process; last year it used it for volume
production of chips for MediaTek and HiSilicon
Technologies. Apple’s orders are likely to be the batch order
TSMC will receive, however — with TSMC expected to produce
100 million A11 chips by the end of 2017.

notably scored the exclusive contract to
produce all of Apple’s A11 chips for the 2017-era iPhone
refresh. In a break
from its recent strategy, Apple placed all its orders with
one supplier; leaving Samsung out in the cold.

In the
past, the competition between TSMC and Samsung has even wound
up in court, as a former TSMC employee was charged
with leaking
trade secrets to Samsung to allegedly give the latter
a competitive edge.

hope TSMC’s up to the job!


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