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Up to now North Korea has basically and explicitly said they would like to wipe South Korea off the face of the Earth much the same as what they say to the US. So I find it very convenient that with this years upcoming Winter Olympic games taking place in South Korea, that the North want to take part and suddenly be friends.

Let’s think about this for a minute, North Korea if allowed to take part will be allowed most likely to fly their athletes into Seoul Airport and from there use the new high speed KTX Trains to PyeongChang where the Winter Village is.

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that North Korea could load up the cargo hold of one of their planes that is bringing athletes to the games with a nuke and literally dumping it over Seoul. This would give North Korea the element of surprise, there would be no launch detection by the US or anyone else and would give the North Korea regime an advantage. The chances of the US sending a nuke to North Korea even after the North used one is still slim as this would cause untold damage and drag China into the situation as any nuke landing in North Korea would impact the fringe areas of China.

The effects of a nuke dropped on Seoul based on North Korea’s last 250 kilton bomb. Keep in mind that the Hiroshima bomb was only 15 kilotons

Indeed, another option would be for North Korea to bus their Athletes all the way from the demilitarized zone and again hiding a nuke in trucks or buses. I would think the plane option is far more likely as the plane leaving North Korea would not for obvious reasons be undergoing any security checks.

This of course is all based on Kim Jong Un truly being a crazy lunatic and actually doing this. However, if I was one, this is exactly how I would do it. Do let me know your thoughts on this, are there other options, are you worried.

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