KeePass 2.37, the latest version of the popular password manager for Windows (and other operating systems), was released today to the public.

The new version comes with new features and improvements, for instance an option to print an emergency sheet, or a similar passwords search option.

KeePass 2.37 is available on the official website. You can download it and install it over an existing installation of the password manager, or use the portable version instead as it is offered as well.

You may check the version when the password manager is open by clicking on Help > About KeePass. The help menu lists an update check option as well which you may use to check for updates (but not download them).

KeePass 2.37

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KeePass 2.37 includes an option to print an emergency sheet. It is a single sheet of paper that you may add your master password and other instructions to. The main idea behind the feature is to store the sheet safely somewhere so that it can be used in emergencies.

What those are? Forgetting the password, giving a trusted person access to the database (think catastrophic events like death). There is no need for you to print out the sheet, but users who want to can do so now directly using a standard format and not jot down the information on a sheet of paper directly.

keepass emergency

The option to create an emergency sheet is displayed when new databases are created. You may create sheets manually as well by selecting Tools > Database Tools > Print Emergency Sheet.

KeePass’ password scanning options received a new entry in the 2.37 release. You can use the options to find expiring, duplicate or similar passwords already. Handy if you want to resolve any duplicate or similar password conflicts for instance.

The difference to find similar passwords (pairs) is that the new clusters option lists all passwords entries that have at least one similar entry on a single page. Each entry lists the number of similar passwords sorted into 90%, 70% and 50% similarity groups in the listing. You may click on an entry to display it and all similar passwords that KeePass detected in the main program interface.

Other changes in KeePass 2.37

  1. Dialog to change the master key improved. Key file and user account moved to expert options, and option to save the database after changing the master key, and option to print an emergency sheet provided.
  2. Translation improvements.
  3. KeePass won’t accept file attachments that are larger than 512 Megabytes (due to serialization problems).
  4. Increased AES-KDF rounds.
  5. On Unix, CSP implementation of AES is used which is “a bit faster”.
  6. MSI installer is built with Visual Studio 2017.
  7. Bug fixes, for Mono for instance.

Closing Words

KeePass 2.37 is another quality update for the desktop password manager. In other news, version 1.33 of the password manager was update to 1.34 recently as well. KeePass users who use the classic version may want to upgrade their version to that as well to take advantage of the new features and improvements that version comes with.

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