LG is rumored to be taking things a bit slow on the innovation front with the LG G6 after the underwhelming failure of the modular G5 to grab sales. That, in turn, would allow LG to be fast in putting out the G6 before anyone else, like Samsung. It seems that in order to expedite the process, LG isn’t even changing the overall design of the G6 vis-a-vis the G5. At least based on these early and very unofficial renders.

To be clear, these are just 3D renders whipped up based on separate pieces of leaks about the LG G6. While almost anyone these days can create a 3D model of anything and claim it to be the real thing, this one comes from Shai Mizrachi, who is credited for accurate leaks of Samsung and LG devices in the past.

If based solely on a design perspective, the LG G6 may just be as underwhelming as its predecessor. At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be any visible distinction between the two. The numbers do tell a slightly different story. The LG G6 is noted to be slimmer than the G5, but only ever so slightly, at 72.49 mm versus the 73.9 of the older model. The rest of the dimensions, including length and thickness, seem unchanged.

The render sadly does not hint at the biggest design question of all: will the G6 be modular. It seems that the popular sentiment is “no”, though LG itself is naturally coy about that. So far, the leaked features of the device include an all-in-one iris scanner and camera module and back to a removable battery.

By reusing its previous design, LG gains the benefit of being able to iterate on the development and production of the G6. This cutting of corners, however, could prove to be confusing for consumers in the end, mistaking one for the other.

VIA: Android Authority