Lightroom Mobile from Adobe now has
HDR to balance shadows and highlights in contrasty settings.
Photo: Adobe

Your iPhone photos can look more spectacular than ever, thanks
to an update to Lightroom Mobile that brings an HDR mode
capable of capturing three RAW DNG files.

We’ll explain all
the acronyms in a bit, but here’s the gist: Adobe Systems’
popular image processing app can now capture the kind of rich
photographic details you previously could get only with a
conventional digital camera.

after Apple’s release of the iPhone 7 and iOS 10 last fall,
Adobe beefed up Lightroom Mobile to capture
RAW DNG files inside the app. DNG stands for “digital
negative.” It’s a kind of RAW file format that is uncompressed
and can accept a wider range of adjustments to details like
while balance and the recovery of highlight and shadow detail.

Lightroom Mobile HDRHDR is the latest superpower
added to Adobe Lightroom Mobile.
Photo: Adobe

range in photography refers to the ratio of light to dark in a
picture. High Dynamic Range allows photographers to capture a
scene with three different exposures that can be blended with
software to provide a picture with a full range of details in
both the shadows and highlights.

a photographer must expose for one area or the other (or
somewhere in between) and try to recover details in a photo
editing program later. But the final picture with HDR capture
looks more like what your eye would see.

The iPhone,
as well as cameras on some Android devices, have an HDR mode
that provides decent results but does not rise to the level of
quality because the setting combines JPEGs, which are
compressed and provide fewer details and less latitude for
light and color correction.

“The new
HDR mode works automatically scanning the scene to determine
the correct exposure range and then capture three DNG files,
which are then automatically aligned, merged, de-ghosted and
tone mapped in the app,” Adobe’s Josh Haftel explained on
Lightroom Journal blog about Monday’s update. “You
get a 16-bit floating point DNG, with all of the benefits of
both an HDR and a raw photo, which is processed by the same
algorithms with the same quality as the HDR technology built
into Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom.”

Lightroom Mobile with HDR is only supported with iPhone SE and
iPhone 6s and higher. On the Android side, users of Google
Pixel, Pixel XL and Samsung S7 and S7 Edge can get the update.

Adobe released a brief tutorial on YouTube (seen below) to show
how HDR works in Lightroom Mobile.

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