Malwarebytes AdwCleaner 7.0 has been released; it is a complete rewrite of the security application that Malwarebytes, maker of the popular security solution Malwarebytes, acquired in October 2016.

We reviewed AdwCleaner back in 2012 for the first time, and have followed the program ever since, for instance when we reviewed AdwCleaner 5.0 which introduced Windows 10 support in 2015.

AdwCleaner is a specialized tool for Windows that scans the system for adware or changes caused by adware to remove those and restore the previous state of the system.

The main features of the application are the removal of adware, toolbars, potentially unwanted programs, and browser hijackers.

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner 7

malwarebytes adware cleaner-7

The new version of AdwCleaner is a complete rewrite of the application. It ships with a new graphical interface and uses a new database format as well.

The new graphical interface is not as radical as the change from Malwarebytes 2.x to 3.x though. If you compare the interface of version 6.0 to 7.0, you will notice that the new interface is streamlined and features less actionable buttons than before.

The new interface displays a scan button and a button to access the logfiles. The clean, uninstall and donate options have been removed from the main interface. Clean is displayed automatically in the position that scan is displayed in once a scan completes.

Note: Clean will close all processes affected by the operation, and may request a restart of the computer system as well.

Uninstall is listed under File now, and will remove traces of AdwCleaner 7.0 from the computer system it is run on.

You can access the logs with a click on the button, or by using the tools menu instead. There you find listed links to open the program’s quarantine and the options.

malwarebytes adwcleaner 7 options

The options feature a reset feature which you may use to reset certain settings such as firewall, winsock or IPsec of the Windows machine.

The application comes with a new logo that highlights Malwarebytes in the name now to indicate that AdwCleaner is a product by the company.

The remaining changes are mostly core changes that users won’t notice. The software uses a CDN now for database downloads which should improve downloads for worldwide users. Other under the hood changes include use of a new database management system, an update to the detection of Generics, and cleaning tools improvements that improve the handling of system and permissions issues.

One interesting new option for users is the new submit samples option which us listed under help. This is not a direct “send to Malwarebytes” feature though, but opens a page on the Malwarebytes website that highlights the process.


AdwCleaner 7.0 is a major upgrade of the adware cleaning software for Windows. While the interface and some core functionality has changed, the change itself is not as drastic as the change from Malwarebytes 2.x to 3.x.

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