Conflicting claims have flown fast and thick in the lawsuit filed by two men who claim they were fired from management jobs at Yahoo as part of an illegal purge of males at the former Silicon Valley giant.

Gregory Anderson and Scott Ard allege in the suit, filed in October, that former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer fostered use of a performance-rating system marred by “management’s subjective biases and personal opinions, to the detriment of Yahoo’s male employees.”

Yahoo was bought by Verizon for $4.5 billion in June.

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On Oct. 11, San Jose U.S. District Court issued a case-management document that outlined the arguments made by Anderson and Ard, and those made by Yahoo.

“Plaintiffs Anderson and Ard assert they were both terminated from their positions as editors in Yahoo’s media organization by their female supervisors, and replaced with female employees,” the document said. “Plaintiffs both heard statements from Yahoo employees … that management was looking to fill their positions with women.

“Both plaintiffs were terminated as part of a restructuring of (Yahoo’s) media organization management by its female management to place more women in positions of management.”

And they claim Yahoo had treated them with “callous disregard” following a “sea-change in upper management” that filled all the management positions above them with women.

Yahoo countered that Anderson and Ard were fired for doing a lousy job as managers.

Anderson was hired in 2010 and fired in 2014 while the firm was conducting a program to “increase the performance of company employees, especially managers,” according to the document.

“While he claims Yahoo selected him for termination because he is a male, in fact Yahoo terminated Anderson’s employment because his Quarterly Performance Review scores over his last four quarters of employment placed him in the bottom 5 percent of the employees in Yahoo and because his consistently low performance scores placed him on the Bad Managers list back in April 2014,” the document said in relaying Yahoo’s arguments.

Ard worked at Yahoo for 3 1/2 years until he was sacked in January 2015. Yahoo, according to the court document, gave Ard the boot “due to his poor performance over the past few quarters, as reflected by his below average (quarterly performance review) scores, particularly for a senior manager, and because he was not providing sufficient value to the company as a senior director to make an impact at the company.”

Yahoo contends that “Neither the facts, nor the statistical evidence, support plaintiffs’ claim that there was discrimination against men in the media organization where both plaintiffs worked.”

The case continues.

Photo: Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (AP Photo/NBC, Peter Kramer, file)

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