Developer Mojang today
announced that Minecraft players on iOS, Android, and Windows
10 will soon be able to browse an all-new “Marketplace,”
where they’ll find skins, mini-games, textures, and worlds
designed by other players, creators, and community members. The
company said this marks the first time players will be able to
download and play community creations directly from within
Minecraft itself.

Not everyone will be able to post creations and sell them on
Marketplace, however, as Mojang first requires creators “with a
registered business” to submit an
application to be included on the store. At launch,
well-known Minecraft creators on Marketplace will include
Noxcrew, BlockWorks, Qwertyuiop The Pie, Blockception, Sphax,
Eneija Silverleaf, Imagiverse, Polymaps and Razzleberry Fox.
Mojang said that the update will give creators another source
of income from the game.

The idea is to give Minecraft creators another way to make a
living from the game, allowing them to support themselves in
the creation of ever-greater projects, while giving Pocket and
Windows 10 players access to a growing catalogue of fun stuff –
curated and supplied by us, safely and simply. And, of course,
you can still manually download free community creations you’ve
found out there on the internet, too.

Marketplace will include a new currency called
“Minecraft Coins,” which users will obtain through in-app
purchases on iOS. This will allow creators to choose flexible
prices “and take their share of what they sell,” according to
Mojang. The company took into account Apple’s 30 percent cut from
IAPs, saying that creators will “get the majority” of the profit
after Apple — and the other app store platform owners — take
their cut.

Items and content purchased in Marketplace will sync across
every version of Minecraft that users have logged into their
Xbox Live account on. Mojang mentioned that it’s in talks with
platform partners, like Apple, to figure out how to ensure all
of a user’s content syncs across multiple company ecosystems.

Marketplace will be part of
The Discovery Update, which Mojang intends to launch later
this spring. Before it debuts, Marketplace will see a beta test
run on Android devices in mid-April as a way to test the
functionality of Minecraft Coins, and the developer is asking
users to leave feedback on all the news on its website.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is currently available to
download for $6.99 on the App Store. [Direct

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