Mozilla is best known for the Firefox web browser but also for its active stance on privacy, net neutrality and openness.

Mozilla products are available free of charge at the moment. Firefox is available for free for desktop and mobile systems, the email client Thunderbird, which was a Mozilla product until recently, is available for free, accounts are free on Mozilla sites, and there is no product to my best of knowledge that Mozilla offers that is not free.

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Mozilla CEO Chris Beard revealed in an interview with Cnet that the organization might start offering Freemium services in the near future. He said when asked about Mozilla Membership, an idea to get users of Mozilla more involved with the organization:

There’s another side as we start to look at products that we could potentially offer. Some of them start to look like services, exploring the freemium models. There’d be a free level always, but also some premium services offering.

The whole idea seems to be in an early stage and it is quite possible that it won’t come to fruition after careful examination. When asked what kind of services Mozilla was considering, Beard answered that the organization was exploring that. This is all the information that is available at this point in time.

Here is a list of potential options that Mozilla has. Note that these are ideas that I came up with:

  1. Add optional services to the Firefox web browser. This could be a VPN to improve user privacy for instance.
  2. Add optional services to the Mozilla website. For instance, a web-based email service that is secure and without advertisement.
  3. Create new products and make them available in a basic free version, and an extended paid version. This could be new applications for Android or iOS, maybe a standalone VPN client.
  4. Add a paid component to existing products. For instance, extra storage space or other benefits to Firefox Screenshots users.

Now You: What freemium services do you think could Mozilla offer in the future?

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