Microsoft’s Office 365 suite and Google’s G Suite are deployed in 66 percent of organizations in the EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) region, but Office 365 on 44 percent is outpacing G Suite on 22 percent.

This is one of the findings of a new EMEA cloud report from data protection company Bitglass which shows that adoption of cloud suites is higher than in any other region. In Europe, France and the Netherlands have the highest rates of cloud adoption at 82 percent and 78 percent.

Slack has also taken off in the region and is now used in more than two-thirds of organizations, compared to just a third in the US. The use of single sign-on (SSO) solutions has become widespread too, deployed in nearly half (49 percent) of companies with Office 365 and 10 percent of those using G Suite.

Germany and the Netherlands are revealed as the most security conscious in Europe. In the Netherlands, 52 percent of organisations with Office 365 have an SSO solution deployed, second only to Germany at 55 percent. In the US, Office 365 SSO adoption is much lower, at just over 23 percent and G Suite SSO is at just over five percent.

European technology and media companies have the highest rates of cloud adoption at 83 percent and 87 percent respectively. Regulated industries like healthcare (53 percent) and financial services (44 percent) have seen significant gains in cloud deployments too, but government trails on only 17 percent.

“European companies were among the first to recognize the benefits of the public cloud but have long struggled to protect data as it moves beyond the network perimeter,” says Eduard Meelhuysen, VP sales for EMEA at Bitglass. “In recent years, cloud security solutions have evolved to meet the security, privacy, and compliance needs of companies in the region, driving massive growth in adoption”.

You can find out more about the results in the full report which is available on the Bitglass site.

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