After months of reports surrounding iPhone manufacturers like
Pegatron and Foxconn
potentially moving Apple device construction to the United
States, Pegatron CEO Syh-Jang Liao this week commented that
the company could build iPhones and iPads in the U.S. on the
condition that its client, Apple, is ready to pay for the costs
of moving manufacturing stateside (via Focus

Liao was responding directly to questions asked about President
Donald Trump’s
request for American brands to keep their manufacturing in
the U.S. In the wake of Trump’s presidential win, months of
reports have covered speculation about whether or not Apple
suppliers could, or should, move production into the U.S. For
Pegatron, if such a Trump initiative came into being, the
company CEO said that it “already has its production lines in

“As long as there is demand, whether the clients are American
or Chinese, Pegatron already has its production lines in
place,” Liao said. “If Trump institutes his Made in America
proposal, it will be fine for Pegatron as long the client is
willing to absorb the costs.”

Just last week, Foxconn chairman Terry Gou raised
concerns over the manufacturer’s shift of iPhone production
to the U.S. In his comments, he cited concern over whether or not
the U.S. government could keep up with the regulations and laws
needed to be passed before Foxconn would be able to build major
iPhone plants in the country. Echoing Apple CEO Tim Cook, Gou also
mentioned that the U.S. lacks the skilled labor needed for these
plants to thrive.

In recent Apple-related Pegatron rumors, the manufacturer was

suggested as to be the exclusive supplier of the 2017
iPhone 8‘s
wireless charger. Along with an edge-to-edge OLED display,
wireless charging is rumored to be one of the major selling
points of the iPhone 8, in comparison to the more basic
“iPhone 7s”
and “iPhone 7s Plus.” Pegatron will also help produce this
year’s upcoming iPhone, alongside Foxconn and reportedly

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