If you lost an audio file due to the
dreaded QuickTime crash, this tip could save the day.
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When you’re recording audio in QuickTime, there’s nothing more
frustrating than a crash before you’ve had time to click Save.
But all is not lost: This handy trick can help you recover lost
recordings in the QuickTime app.

It might just save you a whole lot of effort. Here’s how to use

I use QuickTime to record a lot of audio for my Cult
of Mac
videos. Some of my scripts can get pretty lengthy,
so it takes a while to get through them. When QuickTime crashes
before I hit Save, it is incredibly infuriating — but I’ve been
saved countless times by this QuickTime trick.

How to recover lost QuickTime files

If you need to recover a QuickTime recording, first go to the
Finder or your desktop and hold
Cmd+Shift+G. This will open up a go-to

Then type in (or copy and paste) this command:


Once you hit return, you’ll be taken deep inside QuickTime’s
directory, where you should see some automatically saved files.
Look for names related to QuickTime.

Tip: How to locate unsaved QuickTime files

Here’s a tip: All these saved QuickTime files should have the
words “unsaved” or “lost” and “QuickTime” in the title.
Switching to list view is a good way to sort through all these
files if you find a lot of them.

Once you locate the QuickTime backup file you want, drag it to
your desktop and open it as usual. If it’s a larger file, it
might be easier to open it in an app such as iMovie or Final
Cut Pro.

Hopefully we’ve helped save your audio recording from an
awkward and angry second take. If so, feel free to show your
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