Sea otters are safer, but they need protection.

Scientists have some good news for us, as they are more optimistic about the future of sea otters from California. According to a new study, they counted more than 3 000 individuals this year, which is a new record. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials said that even if things seem to be better, they still need to pay attention because the recovery will take a long time.

Even if 3 000 could not seem such a big number, it is for the biologists. Sea otters are endangered species and their number has decreased for  many years until people started to do some changes to protect them. Researchers think that the population should increase in the future three years so that sea otters would not be in danger.

Tim Tinker, who leads the sea otter research program, said that they were seen the most in northern and central California. Moreover, the animals have more available food, so their “children” are able to survive and grow up. However, there are still some issues.  The population in the South experienced a decline of 0.6 and things could be worse in the future. Sharks seem to be responsible for killing sea otters.

Sharks are not the only problem sea otters have. According to the news, these animals have been found killed by guns. This means that humans are also hunting them. The authorities offered thousands of dollars as a reward for those who could give more information about the killers.

The best solution for these cute animals is to expand and recolonize areas in California where they can found food and they will not be in danger.  If the population spreads, there will be more resources for them and they will learn how to survive in more situations. This could be the only hope these animals have to not be an endangered species in the future.

We are expecting more efforts in the future to keep sea otters safe. It is good to know that their numbers have increased, but they are not safe. The biggest issue is that humans are one of the main threats to these animals. While researchers are trying to find ways to protect them, there are other people who kill without thinking how important is for us to take care of our planet.

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