Yes, VR is slowly but surely taking off and as a skeptic of the technology I am glad to say that. I personally think AR is a better option for day to day use but VR will certainly entertain the masses. Sky the makers of basically everything that is good on TV have launched their new VR programming in recent days and sent us out one of their Google Cardboard VR headsets to try out.

Sky will begin to publish content which will be fit for VR viewing, this will start off with specially made features such as below:

  • Star Wars: Red Carpet (Sky Cinema) – get closer to the red carpet at the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Anthony Joshua: Becoming World Champion – see Anthony as you have never seen him before, as he becomes IBF world heavyweight champion
  • Disney – two VR experiences from The Jungle Book, enabling viewers to get up close and personal with King Louie and Kaa
  • Fox Innovation Lab – The Martian Sneak Peek – transports viewers to Mars to follow the film’s protagonist Mark Watney after he has been stranded on the planet
  • Warner Brothers – Suicide Squad: Squad 360 – viewers can see what it’s like being a member of the Suicide Squad during a scene from the film
  • Team Sky – Journey to the Tour – follow the team preparing for their third Tour de France
  • F1®  – Team Williams – lets fans go behind the scenes of the Williams team, in the pit lane and in car viewing
  • Sky News – Calais: The Jungle – taking viewers to the centre of the refugee crisis with footage from inside ‘The Jungle’
  • Baobab Studios – Invasion – a VR animation about a duo of aliens aiming to take over the world, but needing to overcome two fearsome white bunny rabbits
  • Jaunt – Paul McCartney: Dance Tonight – Paul takes viewers through the charming creation story of this song, and its music video

However over time more content, even some regular programming perhaps will begin to appear in VR. The  first version of the app will give viewers a 360-degree video experience.  Sky will be adding more to the app over the coming months, introducing more immersive VR features to improve the experience.


The headset itself is made from tough cardboard and if you have ever used Google Cardboard then you know exactly what to expect. The headset will fit devices up to 5″ comfortably but over this the headset will struggle to house your phone, luckily most people still are on devices of no more than 5.2″.


The headset doesn’t allow for any kid of refocusing or eye tracking but that is okay, however if you wear glasses then it might be a little awkward. Using the app is easy, simply pop your phone into the headset once you have started the app and then you can pick between any number of VR related features.


Grab the Sky VR app for iOS or Android below and then get your favourite VR headset and begin enjoying Sky VR content.

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