Prof. Barry Smyth

New €4m artificial intelligence initiative to be led by Prof Barry Smyth

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics has just announced a joint venture with Samsung to create a new €4 million artificial intelligence research project at UCD.

The new venture will be lead by Prof. Barry Smyth, Dr Aonghus Lawlor and associate prof Neil Hurley along with a team of over 25 highly skilled people from UCD and Samsung.

Barry Smyth said in a statement:

“Ireland has an excellent reputation in machine learning and recommender systems and the Insight Centre for Data Analytics is delighted to be working with Samsung to help bring our innovative technologies out of the lab to Samsung devices and customer-base”

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics is a venture between UCD, NUI Galway , UCC, DCU and some others and is funded by Science Foundation Ireland.

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