Lockheed Martin revealed the concept and some further details on its Mars Base Camp.

Lockheed Martin offered further details on its own approach at what a future on Mars could look like. It revealed the concept and some other information on its Mars Base Camp, which could allegedly come into being by the late 2020s.

The aerospace giant researchers first presented their concept last year. However, they also went to offer further details on the matter during the 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference or LPSC. During this meeting, they revealed as follows.

Lockheed’s Mars Base Camp would come with enough space for a 6-person crew. Its purpose would also be quite specific. It would have to significantly increase the current collection of scientific data and also of space imagery. This information would have to be collected from multiple sites across the planet. Also, the Mars base Camp would have to support a full year, full crewed space station occupation.

The Mars Base Camp Could Become Allegedly Become A Reality By As Soon As 2028

Data gathered by this new station could help in a number of areas. For example, according to the Lockheed researchers, it could help identify useful spots for humans on the Red Planet. From them, the respective crew could start exploring the Martian surface.

The Base’s inhabitants should also have access to virtual reality or to artificial intelligence. Or also to immersive technology. All of these could be used in order to explore Mars in real time as they would control advanced rovers or other such crafts and machinery.

Also, the space station could start receiving samples of rock and soil, for example, as they are collected from Mars. Then, researchers aboard the camp could start examining and studying them as they also look for signs of life on the planet.

Among others, the Mars Base Camp should also be able to fly in a highly elliptical orbit. This should enable it to ‘’hover’ over specific spots on the planet for longer stretches of time.

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