This week: an iPhone factory mole tells

This week on
The CultCast: Official new Nvidia drivers make
your Mac compatible with the best GPUs on the market! Plus: A
mole gives us our best look yet at what it’s really like to
work in an iPhone factory; Apple’s working on a “breakthrough”
diabetes treatment with the Apple Watch; and the saga of Ron
Wayne, the forgotten Apple co-founder who traded his $22
billion of Apple stock for just $800.

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#279 – Undercover in an iPhone production factory!
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This week’s links

NVIDIA releases Mac drivers for Pascal graphics

  • NVIDIA released new drivers that make its Pascal graphics
    cards compatible with a Mac.
  • The drivers support all 10 Series GPUs, including the GTX
    1050 through GTX 1080 Ti, and the newly announced GTX Titan Xp.
  • Until now, you had to settle for older 9 Series cards.
  • Now the newest cards, from the GTX 950 to the GTX Titan Xp,
    are supported.

Undercover in an iPhone factory: What it’s really like to work
in a Chinese mega-factory, according to a student who spent 6
weeks there

Pegatron mole describes ‘torture’ of working at iPhone

in Apple history: Apple co-founder quits and cashes in his
stake for $800

  • In Apple lore, Ron Wayne is the man who threw away the
    winning lottery ticket.
  • It’s April 12, 1976: Apple’s third co-founder, a former
    Atari colleague of Steve Wozniak’s named Ron Wayne, is cashing
    in his 10 percent of Apple shares for $800.
  • Hell of a nice guy.
  • Drew Apple’s original logo.
  • Wayne also wrote up the first contract in Apple’s history,
    solidifying what all three co-founders would do. Wozniak was to
    be in charge of electrical engineering, Jobs was responsible
    for marketing, and Wayne would oversee mechanical engineering
    and documentation.
  • “I was 40 and these kids were in their 20s,” Wayne told
    Cult of Mac, referring to Wozniak and Jobs. “They were
    whirlwinds — it was like having a tiger by the tail. If I had
    stayed with Apple I probably would have wound up the richest
    man in the cemetery.”
  • “He was a very focused fellow,” Wayne said. “You never
    wanted to be between him and where he wanted to go, or you’d
    find footprints on your forehead. To put it simply, if you had
    your choice between Steve Jobs and an ice cube, you’d nuzzle up
    to the ice cube for warmth. But that’s what it took for him to
    turn Apple into what it became.”
  • When asked about passing on Apple, he said: “Just pick
    yourself up and move on. I didn’t want to waste my tomorrows
    bemoaning my yesterdays.”
  • Today, Wayne resides in a $150,000 house in Pahrump,
    Nevada, an unincorporated town about 16 miles west of Las
    Vegas. Aged 80, he lives on his Social Security checks and
    money made selling rare coins and stamps on the internet.


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