You’ll be able to play a brand new Tomb Raider experience sometime soon, but it’s not the AAA Square Enix title you’re perhaps expecting.

While we know there’s another Tomb Raider title coming from Square Enix sometime soon, there’s a movie coming sooner – March 16 to be exact – and that means there needs to be some promotional material released. 

That material will apparently take the form of a fully-fledged arcade game, which will appear across the US in select Dave and Busters restaurants. As far as videogame movie promotions go, it’s one that makes a great deal of sense even if it lacks imagination.

Movie magic

Pictures of the unit have been posted on Reddit, and Arcade Heroes reports that Tomb Raider arcade will be a gun game which draws heavily on the format of the Rabbids Hollywood arcade game. In fact, it appears that both games use the very same cabinet, just with different artwork and Lara's pistols to suit. 

From the logo and artwork used, it appears that the game will have three levels just like Rabbids Hollywood and will be an adaption of the Tomb Raider reboot first released by Square Enix back in 2013. Given there are four guns on the unit, it must involve some kind of multiplayer element. It's possible we could even see something more akin to the series' multiplayer titles, like Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.

While it’s not a brand new Tomb Raider title on console, it does tide fans of the game over by giving them the chance to experience the original reboot in a brand new way. There’s no word on whether or not the Tomb Raider arcade experience will make its way to other territories before the film’s release but it doesn’t seem entirely likely. 

We’re hoping we’ll hear more about the upcoming Square Enix Tomb Raider title at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles.

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