If ever Twitter needed a feature this is it

Twitter has been making great strides of late to tackle abuse and to try and make its service more accessible to new people and casual Tweeters. While many people still want the holy grail of features that is an ‘edit’ button I want something far more simple.

I would like the option to have my Tweets hidden from certain followers. I don’t want to make my account private, this defeats the purpose of Twitter. However much like Facebook has if Twitter brought a new posting option such as the below it would mean you could Tweet in public but disable specified groups of people from seeing said public Tweet.

The best thing is Twitter already has the features built in to let them bring this feature easily. Using the existing ‘Lists’ feature users could create a new private List called ‘Exclude’ for example and add people they do not want seeing their Tweets, this might be sensitive friends or even family. Then when the user opens a new Tweet window they pick ‘Exclude’ as they list they want to not see their Tweet. Only the list owner would be able to see who is in the exclusion list.

It’s a simple feature Jack…….lets make it happen.

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