Microsoft releases version 1.8 for its Visual Studio Code text editor as a part of its November 2016 update cycle. The new version is full of significant changes and new features and is a major update after its release back in 2015. As per the official blog post, the key includes the following changes:

Zen Mode has been added to VS Code on the platform in regard to numerous user requests. Zen Mode can be enabled from the view menu or by Command Palette. It can also be accessed through Ctrl+K+Z which is a shortcut for the same. To exit the Zen Mode, users would need to press the escape  button twice. The Zen Mode will turn the screen on full screen mode and will allow a better view by hiding all UI except the editor.

Another interesting feature is Hot Exit which will remember all your unsaved changes. Though the feature would be enabled only if you quit the application on Mac or all windows are closed or windows are reloaded. This would also allow users to restore files if VS Code crashes even if Hot Exit is disabled via files.hotExit setting.

Further, the changes have been made to default search settings which now has a big search bar for faster and easier search. Along with highlighting the searched keyword, it will also provide you with filters for precision in your results. Other changes include new selection menu, Snippet Authoring (which will allow you to use a variable in your code snippets) and settings to add custom keyboard shortcuts to your code.

Microsoft bought back Coding assistance for JavaScript embedded in HTML for simplifying the coding process. The details about all new version 8.1 can be read on official site for Visual Studio Code text editor. The code editor currently has one million monthly active users which will now see an increase- all thanks to the version update 8.1.