Americans are ready to see how will Donald Trump deal with the climate change problem.

Now that the new president of the US is Donald Trump, everybody is concerned about the climate change agreement. How will Trump solve this massive problem? Considering his previous statements when he argued that climate change is a myth, then we are all aware of his future actions. During his campaign, the president had barely mentioned this significant problem.

  • Everybody is curious about Donald Trump’s ideas towards climate change.
  • He has previously expressed he does not see this as a real problem.

Is that because he believes that climate change is not that crucial? He stated that he does not see the climate change problem as being a real one. Trump considers this aspect unimportant, even if the whole planet is affected by it. He also argued that the whole idea about global warming is just a fraud initiated by the Chinese for their good.

After a while, Donald Trump denied asserting a thing like that although the posts from social media platforms reveal the opposite. He then tried to convince everybody that his statement from 2012 was nothing but a joke. Last year, during a rally taking place in South Carolina, he declared climate change is a hoax again.

A clear statement from 2015 to CNN has proved that he argued “I don’t believe in climate change”. If many were alarmed by Trump sayings, then they should be terrified by his political proposals. On May 26, Donald Trump promised to impose restrictions on energy exploitation, reopening of coal mines in the country, drilling federal lands and reviving the pipeline called Keystone XL.

He claimed that he will do every possible thing to save the coal industry. We are still curious about the accomplishments of his statements. For him, climate change only represents an economic matter, avoiding to comment upon the pollution problem as well.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump has also vowed to suspend the Paris Agreement. We all know that this document represents part of history, considering the fact that so many countries became united to solve a global problem. Nevertheless, Trump seems to be against this idea.

Even if he dreams at canceling the Paris Agreement after 190 countries signed for the accomplishment of the coalition, this will never happen. Regarding the fact that America is viewed as worldwide leader, he may try to harm the agreement in several ways.

What is more, in April 2016, Trump promised to destroy the Environmental Protection Agency, calling it the “Department of Environmental.”

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